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Combine Coverage for Savings and Convenience

Combining home and auto insurance coverage into a single policy from one company can save you money, time, and effort.  Whether you drive one kind of vehicle or another and whether your home is a condo, apartment, or other, you can benefit from a multi-line policy.

At Hay Insurance Agency, Inc., we offer comprehensive bundled home and auto policies that not only provide complete protection from current and potential risks but give you benefits and discounts that save you money now and in the future.  Our expert specialists know our products inside and out and can identify what’s best for your situation.

In a marketplace where insurance providers lure you with price competiveness, we guarantee you maximum cost savings as well as consultative services and ongoing support for the long run.  Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.    


What does a Home & Auto Policy from Hay Insurance cover?

Most bundled home and auto policies give policyholders premium discounts of between 15% and 20%.  They also provide policyholders with additional coverage options that might not be available at a competitive rate through individual policies.  Extended liability, long-term financial planning, and extended personal belongings coverage are among them.

At Hay Insurance, we deliver multi-line policies that give you additional coverage options and the best mix of benefits and discounts.  You may be eligible to receive a guaranteed full-year policy term for your car, On Your Side® insurance protection, and 24-hour Customer and Claim service.  You may also qualify for extras like single deductibles, emergency lockout coverage, accidental death benefits, and airbag replacement from accidental deployment.

Our coverage options include:

  • Smoke, fire, or lighting
  • Windstorm, hail or weight of ice, and snow or sleet
  • Falling objects
  • Freezing of a plumbing, heating, air conditioning or automatic fire-sprinkler system, or of a household appliance
  • Personal possessions
  • Additional living expenses
  • Extra coverage for valuables
  • Liability: bodily injury and property damage
  • Inflation protection
  • Medical payments
  • Umbrella
  • Comprehensive
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Pet insurance
  • Sound system

Selecting coverage options for a multi-line policy can be difficult.  This is one reason why it is important to consult with a professional who knows the dynamics of bundling coverage.  At Hay Insurance, our specialists can guide you through the bundling process to ensure that your financial benefits are maximized and that the coverage you receive is complete.  Contact one of our specialists to get started.


Why Hay Insurance?

We have more than one hundred and twenty years of experience delivering risk management solutions to individuals and businesses.  Combined auto and home insurance is a specialty of ours and our experience allows us to provide the most protective and competitively priced policies in our service area. 

We know our local markets and laws and the risks that drivers and homeowners in our areas face.  We also know that most drivers and homeowners buy the same insurance for their homes and vehicles that their family members and friends recommend that they buy.  For these individuals, owning insurance policies from different companies doesn’t necessarily present a problem; it’s just reality.  This is a reality that can cost more and increase risk exposure.

In almost all cases, multi-line policies provide policyholders opportunities to simplify life and save significant amounts of money.  We make sure that all of our clients know this and we demonstrate in every service we provide how much they can save and how much more protection they can receive from our products.

Our products and services are reflections of our unending commitment to your financial security and general wellbeing.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Hay Insurance is proud to provide insurance solutions in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Tehachapi, Delano, Taft, and Valencia, California and surrounding areas.

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